Google Chrome via Scott Mccloud

you can download the browser here.

OS Smackdown: Linux vs. Mac OS X vs. Vista vs. XP

Since the dawn of time — or, at least, the dawn of personal computers — the holy wars over desktop operating systems have raged, with each faction proclaiming the unrivaled superiority of its chosen OS and the vile loathsomeness of all others.

The High-Tech Job Capital Is…The Big Apple?

Article about high number of high tech jobs in New York.

Firefox 3 Released.

Firefox 3 released.

The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper)

You have to love someone who raps about web standards. At least if you’re nerds like us who pay attention to this shit. [Thanks Jeff]

Microsoft Offers To Support Vista SP1 Installations For Free

“We are offering free-of-charge support to anyone who is having issues installing Windows Vista SP1,”

[from aqualung] You Weren't Meant to Have a Boss

As always, Graham has a interesting viewpoint … one that resonates with me bookmark this on

by aqualung

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